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Spread the Holiday Cheer with a Photo Booth at your Office Christmas Party!

Friday, October 18th, 2013

While it still may seem pretty early, now is the time that you’ll want to be thinking about making bookings and reservations for your company’s corporate holiday party. Every year it seems as though it’s a tossup of how many employees will actually attend the corporate party, but why is this? Well, loosening the tie and relaxing around people that you work with or for can be a little bit intimidating. That’s why it is extremely important for company owners to step up their game and come up with creative ways to help party guests break the ice and to keep them entertained.

Photo Booth Rentals for Corporate Holiday Parties - Top Hat Photo Booths

Photo Booths are a great way to do just that. Think about it for a second; while entertainment such as music and Chinese auctions are great, they can be a bit boring; everyone just sort of ends up sitting around, swaying awkwardly to the sounds of a tribute band and trying to come up with something non work-related to talk about. The holiday season is a time where you want to be having fun and enjoying time with friends and trust us when we tell you that there is no greater fun than sharing a few laughs with friends as you act out different scenarios in a photo booth. That’s where you see the true personalities of your coworkers come out!

Keeping with the holiday cheer, booking us for your holiday party this season gets you more than just your typical photo booth. We’ll come fully equipped with all of the Santa Claus, Christmas themed props that you need to get you and your employees feeling jolly! By the time the New Year comes around, the office will still be buzzing about how much fun they had at the event. Plus, as your employees begin getting to know each other more and enjoying each other’s company, the happier they will be to come into work each day! That being said, how could you not book a photo booth for your office Christmas party? Call us today!

(Posted by: Robert Lockhart of Top Hat Photo Booths)

Graduation Party Ideas

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Whether it is high school or college, graduation is a milestone that everyone looks forward to. So why not make your special occasion even more memorable?  Throwing a celebration bash for your child will show them how proud you are of their hard work and dedication. So, where do you start?

An easy way to get things rolling is to pick a theme.  Is your child involved in sports or plays and performances? Or are they traveling in the upcoming year?  Any of these will be perfect for a graduation theme.  Once you pick something that reflects your child’s personality you can easily find decorations and party supplies to match.

Giving out party favors is always an excellent party technique as well.  This is a time to remember your child’s final high school or college days and giving a party favor will help your guests remember the event as well.

The most important part of any party has to be the entertainment.  It can make or break whether your party is a fun time or a dull time.  Including a photo booth at your party will not only create lasting memories but will provide tons of amusement throughout the entire evening!  With unlimited options, these booths can now be customized to fit any theme and event. Don’t see anything that fits the theme of your party, perfectly? Not a problem! Either design the logo on your own or put the staff to work! Complete with props, green screens, customizable captions and enough room for up to eight guests – a photo booth at your celebration is sure to put your party on the map.  It can be a great favor for your guests.  Top Hat Photo Booth assures innovation and reliability so you can relax and enjoy the special day with your guests and one less thing to worry about helps in every way.

Not only will you and your guests enjoy the fun while taking the photos but you will be able to look back fondly and laugh at the memories you have made. Most photo booth packages include a print for the guests and a print for the graduate of honor to keep in a scrapbook! Now you can throw the best graduation party to honor all your child’s achievements.